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Mission & Background



Mission Statement

To accelerate revitalization of disinvested neighborhoods to create a thriving Memphis for all.


Community LIFT, also known as LIFT (Leveraging Investments For Transformation), emerged as the Greater Memphis Neighborhoods (GMN) plan’s driving organization and its top recommendation.  Completed in 2009, GMN:  A Blueprint for Revitalization plan is meant to accomplish several goals, namely to:

  • Revitalize Distressed Neighborhoods
  • Build the Human Capacity of those in Distressed Neighborhoods
  • Improve Economic and Residential Vitality in Distressed Neighborhoods
  • Improve Quality of Life of Citizens

LIFT officially launched in 2011 with founding supporters The Assisi Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, National Bank of America Foundation, and City of Memphis Division of Housing & Community Development.  To date, we have garnered over $7 million in national and local funding to benefit Memphis neighborhoods.

LIFT’s Investment Strategies

Build Capacity
Empower Residents
Grow Businesses

Note: Arts and culture through creative placemaking is embedded throughout each of our investment strategies.


Integrity, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Collaboration, Maximizing Resources, Excellence

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